161: Be Reconciled to God (NT Gospel Doctrine Lesson 35)

 “Be Ye Reconciled to God”

2 Corinthians contains some powerful words of comfort, as well as surprising insights about the benefits of weakness. Heather and Brian join the class.

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Class Member Reading: 2 Corinthians

You can access the Annotated Reading here (or PDF).

You can access the Lesson Notes here (or PDF).



00:00 Introduction
01:26 New sections of each episode
Sunday School
02:52 Searching for nuggets in 2 Corinthians
05:43 Outline of reading content
09:47 2 Corinthians 1
14:34 2 Corinthians 2
18:35 2 Corinthians 3
22:07 2 Corinthians 4
26:47 2 Corinthians 5
30:56 2 Corinthians 6
34:01 2 Corinthians 7
37:16 2 Corinthians 8
41:07 2 Corinthians 9
43:33 2 Corinthians 10
46:43 2 Corinthians 11
51:33 2 Corinthians 12
57:06 2 Corinthians 13
59:36 Godly v. worldly repentance
01:00:52 The gift of a thorn in the flesh / productive v. unproductive weakness
Scripture Study
01:04:40 Review of the composition of 2 Corinthians
01:06:18 Book recommendation: Oxford Bible Commentary
01:08:06 Class discussion


The Oxford Bible Commentary 

Introduction to the New Testament, Raymond Brown

Episode 24 on Ether 7-15

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Thanks to William Newman for editing the discussion, and to Marshal McDonald for the bumper music!

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I am obsessed with well-being, and how we can be good humans... a surprisingly high bar! I am fascinated by the intersection of religion and human nature, and am grateful to be able to dedicate my life to ministry.

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